Official Breakin Charter & Declaration
Re: World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF)

- We Declare & Request Immediate Amendments to the Following -

  1. We do not allow Racism in any form & request WDSF resolution processes.
  2. We do not allow sexual misconduct in any form & request WDSF resolution processes.
  3. We do not support WDSF presenting the Breaking culture without the Pioneers and Community.
  4. We do not support WDSF presenting Breaking to the Olympics without maintaining community traditions and cultural standards.
  5. We do not support WDSF electing its own task teams or supposed congresses. This must be community elected via valid unsolicited mediums. 
  6. We do not support WDSF/TRIVIUM products being used to teach, judge, and coach about our cultural dance without the inclusion of the Pioneers and Community.  These materials must be vetted by the community and cultural leaders. 
  7. We do not support the current WDSF rules of participation. We do not agree with the participatory fee structure of the WDSF.
  8. We do not support any form of rewriting or writing of history or literature about Breaking culture/foundation by the WDSF - This must be done by the community, and such literate must be substantiated by cross referencing with facts and documentation. WDSF must preserve the correct historical narrative of Breaking even if it doesn’t fit their marketing agenda.
  9. WDSF must consult with valid sources of knowledge on the dance culture which are independent and free of funding from any companies or entities that may have profitable interest/marketing interest.  OBS (Official Breaking Syllabus is one such example whereby there are valid experts and pioneers from different countries to cross reference and corroborate on an amendment.
  10. We do not support unfair sporting practices. Employees of sponsors or individuals on the promotional teams of such companies cannot have any influence on who wins and enters WDSF events and should not make up the task teams.
  11. We do not support “conflict of interest” If an individual, be it: the organizers, Djs, Judges or Dancers are sponsored or on the payroll of a corporate or for profit entity, which also: promotes, sponsors or organizes breaking events should not be able to influence WDSF/Olympic events, entrants or results. When such cases arise there may be financial incentive for WDSF and its structures to favor such competitors over others, whether in terms of judging of media coverage.  As in all professional pursuits, not only an actual conflict of interest should be disallowed but even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be prevented.  WDSF needs to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that this is the case. If not, the integrity of breaking, both as a culture and as a sport will be threatened. 
  12. We Support Democracy in all of its forms. The WDSF must provide a transparent platform and submission process for challenging judging results, for receiving complaints, suggestions and changes as to how the WDSF operates.  WDSF is currently not addressing ethical complaints nor making any amendments upon its potentially unethical practices which may include:
    - Having tasks teams comprised of Red Bull staff and promo affiliates (see 11- profitable interests).
    - Noncompliance with laws and regulations regarding data privacy such the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU (sharing private information).
    - Having different application requirements for different individuals, showing favoritism.
    - Having run events differently in different countries (better organized events provided unfair advantage).
    - Having prejudiced countries by not inviting all countries to all meetings uniformly.
    - Misrepresentation of facts (WDSF’S NMB in South Africa).
  13. We would like to request financial reports for WDSF national member bodies/NMB’s dating 5 years prior to Youth Olympics, to see if any NMB has increased its financial earnings whilst managing our cultures sport. 
  14. We are aware that some of these amendments leave WDSF requiring replacement solutions and we have already built such solutions which we believe are already far more accurate and produce better results. We are willing to negotiate the use of such community solutions.

In the occurrence that these community provided solutions provide profitable mechanisms for the WDSF there would need to be a business negotiation. We need to come to an agreement on what is a fair and just proportion to be redirected to the community, pioneers and cultural leaders. 

Remembering these figureheads whom we have historically documented as having created the disciplines, moves and materials; are responsible for making such profit or sport possible.  

By signing this form, you agree to each individual point presented in this WDSF Declaration and want your name associated with these resolutions.


1st Zoom OBS Meeting - Present and accounted for on August 1st, 2021:
Kim-A-Kazi "first gen New York", Sam "first gen Slovenia", Special (Suicidal Lifestyle) "world champion 99", Blema, Ken, Gyorgy, Aileen Harris "first gen BX New York City", Curtis Pan Hedges "Hollywood late 80's gen", Strech "JHB S.Africa first gen", Youva "Algeria (Kamikaze crew)", Dolby D "first gen (London Bboy Allstars)", Gabor "first gen Hungary (Enemy Squad)".

Endorsed by Breakin Pioneers, Community Leaders and Hip Hop Contributors.

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