2022 OBS Token

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This is the official 2022 OBS NFT Access Token.
Owners of this token will receive amazing benefits
as our first subscribers to our network.

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Additional information

Polygon Network

Layer 2 solution thats fast, inexpensive and scalable for the future. EVM capable system.

Limited Supply

Only 3000 will ever exist for 2022.

Web3 Utility

This NFT acts like a membership card in accessing the websites content.

NFT Holders Benefits

Random winners will be chosen amongst NFT holders for free OBS merchandise, 1/1 original artwork air drops, giveaways, surprises. Token goes up in value with brand recognition as a collectible. After 2022, holders will be able to access everything on the website but live stream events. 50% off discount for 2023 live stream tokens. 80% off in-person events for 2022.