Welcome to Bboy Laced's OBS Certification Workshop. Through this certification and program you will receive knowledge on history, foundation, theory, and a physical grading. People who pass this workshop will have the option to receive an OBS certificate signed by pioneers of Breakin from several different countries around the world confirming that you have gone through this rigorous training and that you have the physical and academic proficiency to present Breakin to any dance authority, school, university or institution to reinforce employment and qualify for other commercial opportunities exclusive to certification recipients.


On top of the potential to began a promising
dance career through OBS certification,
low income applicants can apply for the
OBS Bursary program and if chosen will
be sponsored at no up front cost.

The OBS Group is committed to fostering
talent worldwide.

Bursary Contact:
Mr. Adriano Papalardo
(Aka: Bboy Strech - SABA President/TBB)

Email: bboystrech@gmail.com


"United Worldwide through the Education,
Preservation and Fair Assembly of the
Art, Dance and Sport of Breakin."

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