Your safety is our priority


By utilizing this website you acknowledge that Breakin or Breakdancing is a high risk acrobatic activity that can lead to injury if done incorrectly. As an OBS participant taking part in our services, you indemnify and hold harmless the OBS Group, its agents, associates, managers, sponsors or other principles not mention hereto from any legal repercussions or financial restitution due to any injury or bodily harm that may occur from improper Breakdancing.

Prior to beginning a workshop or entering a live streamed competition through the OBS Group, consult your doctor in deciding whether the program is ideal for you. Do not participate if your doctor or counsel prompts against it. Your utilization of the OBS services is at your sole discretion. Immediately stop all activity in the event that you experience faintness, discombobulation, agony or experience an injury during an OBS session.

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