The Official Breakin Syllabus (OBS) Group is the first organization of it’s kind for the world of Breakin that acts as an international holdings group and oversight committee united worldwide for the education, preservation and fair assembly to the art, dance and sport of Breakin.

The OBS group is made up of pioneers and creators to the discipline of Breakdancing who collectively own intellectual properties that facilitate all the mechanisms necessary to fulfill breakdancing related experiences worldwide. The group specializes with the following services: NGO and Sporting Organization Adjudication, Individual Dancer and Teacher/Coach certification, League, Federation and National Team building accreditation tools, Competition Promotions, Hip Hop Anthological archiving, Career dancer resources. Highlights of the Intellectual holdings consist of 4 copyrights, 2 publications, 1 Ethereum ERC-1155, 3 Unstoppable domains (OBSGroup.crypto, OBSGroup.dao, Breakdance.dao), 1 Polygon ERC-721, 3 Sandbox OBS Metaverse Avatars, and 23 Breakin related Domains: – – – –

OBS Group
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